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Mrs. Jagruti Baliga Gemologist & Owner of VGL.

Vellocity Gemological Laboratory was established in the year 2017 as a BIS Hallmark laboratory, but we are into gold & diamond industry from past 40 Years.

Vellocity provide multiple services like diamond testing, gold testing, colour stone testing, hallmarking, all metal testing and many more services under one roof.

Vellocity uses the best machine in the industry and all our machines are calibrated by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) standards

We are passionate about cultivating a more sustainable and compassionate jewellery industry. A shared commitment to transparency, authenticity and disclosure in the area of diamond, gemstone and jewellery analysis serves as the foundation of a partnership with VGL.

VGL 4 C's

  • Colour: A diamond graded is determine by VGL master stone set as per IS 15766(Part 1 & 2): 2007.
  • Clarity: A diamond is assigned base on internal inclusions and surface characteristics visible under 10X and VGL microscope as per IS 15766(Part 1 & 2): 2007.
  • Cut: A diamond cut is determined in VGL laboratory based on IS 15766(Part 1 & 2): 2007 by proportional scope
  • Carat: VGL measures carat weight by standard unit of weight for diamond and gem stones using electronic and SG scale by IS 15766(Part 1&2): 2007.

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